Monday, November 29, 2010

My Xmas list

Hello all, today I decided to write about my Christmas list.  I already have an Expression that my hubby got me for my birthday in June with a few carts.  I have New Arrival, Dreams Come True, Happily Ever After, Mickey Font, Paper Doll Dress Up and my absolute FAVE: Create a Critter!  I would like a few more of course LOL.  My #1 on the list is a GYPSY with accessories, I would also like SCAL.  I wish they would make more "BLUE" products though like to go with the Gypsy!  I LOVE the color BLUE!!  Any ways sorry I'm rambling...  back to my list.  

#1 Gypsy and accessories

#3 Bamboo Pen & Touch
#4 Cuttlebug
#5 Crop A Dile
#6 Scor Pal
#7 Gift card to Hobby Lobby
#8 Mini Monsters Cart
#9 Hello Kitty Font Cart
#10 Wild Card Cart

Though I don't think I will get everything on my list :0/  I will post what I do get :0D

I am sort of new to scrapbooking and I want to learn as much as I can.  I LOVE You Tube and I get lost of ideas and inspiration from the videos.  

If anyone has any tips or advice please feel free to comment.   I love to learn and try new things.

My kiddies are home today so I will try to get on again later tonight and start posting my pictures of some of my past designs.  Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to follow me!  

Have a great day!

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